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"My dog is 10 years old. A few months ago developed a tumor about the size of a baseball.  She wasn't eating and her activity level drastically deceased.  The vet was monitoring the tumor for being cancerous.  I began giving my dog ultra cell approx. a month ago.  I noticed the second week that she was eating normally and she was more playful with mu other dog.  Now I had my doubts and kept telling myself not to get my hopes up because sometimes we wish for something so much  we think we start to see the change that really isn't there.  Went back to the vet last week.  The tumor is now the size of a golf ball, all blood work came back excellent.  The only thing that changed in her diet in life style is I gave her ultra cell.  I also noticed huge improvements with her arthritis in her hips.  We go back to the vet in a few weeks to check the tumor again and I hope it is continuing to shrink.  My vet is very on board with natural based healing so they do believe ultracell played a part.  With that also said I started giving it to my 1 yr old dog as well who has extreme anxiety and she is no longer having to be crated when I'm not home and is a lot calmer (but still playful)"



The fastest growing BEST CBD oil company.

USDA Certified Organic.
Ultracell is 94% water soluble.
Cannabinoid Rich.
SAFE for Pets.
Legal in all 50 States.

Has been known to help:
Pain, Acne, Anxiety, Epilepsy, Sleep, Cancer, Anti-Inflammatory, Type 1 Diabetes, Anti Seizure, Digestion, Fatigue, Immune System, Alzheimer's, Neuro-protective,   Withdrawals, Quit Smoking, Focus/Clarity, Mental Health Disorders, Etc.
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