Koda's K & K - PAWSitive Kennels & Kloset
                             Why Pick Us?

* Small family owned and operated (Only 14 kennels)

* We offer optional Cageless Boarding meaning for only $5.00 more per day per pet your pet will have access to run and play at least 4 hours a day (they do get put up at night) (effective 1/1/17=$10.00)
*Accept Bully Breeds

*Do NOT have to be spayed or neutered (extra fee May apply)

*Morning and Evening drop off and pick up times (If able, other times available upon request)
  Extra fee may apply for before or after hours of regular drop off or pick up times

*More One on One attention..your pet is not a number

*NO CHARGE for meds or aging pets

*Wire Kennels (more sanitary than wood)

*We do not have Outdoor runs, We are an Indoor only facility.
   The advantages of this system are:
      - more hands on contact
       -one on one walks 3-4 times a day (enables us to monitor your dogs health while in our care)
       - offers more controlled atmosphere
                =not left outside while inside kennels being cleaned
                =not left outside during hot, humid, freezing, or raining/snowing conditions

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