Koda's K & K - PAWSitive Kennels & Kloset
Pet Sitting

Dogs (Up to 3) or Dog/Cat combo(up to 3):
Within 15 minutes of our kennel (1130 International Parkway) according to mapquest: $15.00 each visit
16 minutes + of our kennel = $20.00 each visit
Each Visit will be from 45 min to 1 hour
includes and not limited to: walks, playtime, feeding, mail/paper pick up, lights, plant care, and small animal (fish, hamsters, etc) feedings
$5.00 for each addt'l dog/cat per visit
Cat(s) only:
Within 15 minutes of kennel:
15-30minutes a visit (depending on the personality of the cat = $12.00 each visit
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