Koda's K & K - PAWSitive Kennels & Kloset

Kennel Layout
Kennel Layout
We do NOT offer any military or company discounts at this time only because we are one of the lowest prices in town.

Mediums = 3 ft x 5 ft  = $25.00 per night

Low med = 4 ft x 4 ft = $25.00 per night 
(only have two...first come, first serve)

Large = 4 ft x 5 ft = $30.00 per night
(only have three..first come, first serve)
Doubles = 5 ft x 6 ft = $35.00 per night
(only have two..first come, first serve)

each addt'l dog in the same kennel is $17.00

Each dog will get 3-4 potty breaks per day for the price listed above. For add on Day time play (to stay out and about at LEAST 5 hours per day) each dog is $10.00 extra per DAY. Each addt'l dog in same family is $5.00 per day
Day Care is NOT available on Sundays.

We created a cat enclosure out of kennel fencing in our upstairs area away from the dogs.  These are alot of space but we are here to make your cat(s) as comfortable as possible. This is a first come, first serve basis.
12ft long x 3 1/2ft wide x 6ft tall = $20.00 per night ($10.00 each addt'l cat in same kennel
6ft long x 3 1/2ft wide x 6ft tall = $15.00 per night ($10.00 each add't cat in same kennel)    

If your cat(s) are not friendly with stangers/not sociable, a discounted rate of 20% will apply for not giving the cat(s) any attention. Just feeding and cleaning up after.
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