Koda's K & K - PAWSitive Kennels & Kloset
                                                                        Kennel Packages
                                                                 (Does NOT include kennel fee)
Dogs are let out to do their business and stretch their legs 3-4 times a day.
These packages give your dog a chance to get out more and have more one on one time and/or playtime with people and other dogs while they are at the shop. Each addt’l dog is ½ the shown prices. 
#1 Champion Dog
$18 Day/$15 each addtl day
  • 3  playtimes (15 min each)
  • 2 walks (15min each)
  • 2 cookie breaks
  • 1 massage (15 min)
  • 1 Frosty Paws Ice Cream or Frozen Treat
#2 Reserve Champion Dog
 $12 Day/$9 each addtl day
  • 1 playtime (30 min)
  • 1 walk (15min)
  • 1 cookie break
#3 Perky Pooch
$10 Day/$7 each addtl day
·      1 playtime or walk (30 min) OR 1 playtime (15 min) and 1 walk (15 min)
·      1 cookie break
#4  Content K9
 $6 Day/ $4 each addtl day
  • 1 playtime or walk (15 min)
  • 1 cookie break
#5 Older but Wiser K9
$14 Day/$10 each addtl day
  • 2 walks (15 min each)
  • 1 cookie break
  • Premium dog Bed
  • Massage (15 min)
  • Prices Subject to Change W/O Notice. The playtimes/walks listed are the minimum time. Depending on how busy I am, longer playtimes or walks are given. Inclement Weather will make walks into indoor playtime.
  • Special Note: We are offering dogs to come home with us to spend the day and/or night whenever we are home. No Kennels. Yard to play in. Other Dogs (big and small to play with). The maximum dogs we will be able to bring home with us is five. This will be a first come first serve basis. Cost is $35.00 for one dog and $20.00 for each additionl dog. Dogs must be fixed and get along with other dogs in order to come home with us. 
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