Koda's K & K - PAWSitive Kennels & Kloset
Your Dog(s) can come to our Home to spend the day/night and be treated like a part of our family.
We live on 5 acres in Hartwood..one acre of which is fenced in 3 different sections just for the dogs
*No Kennels
*Yard to Play In
*Other dogs (big and small) to play with: Papillons, Standard Poodles, mini poodles, Collies,  Goldendoodles
*First Come, First Serve: depending on the size of the dogs, we will accomodate up to 3 extra canine friends 
*Must be fixed
*Must get along with other dogs
Dog(s)will be at Kennel while I am there and go home with me to spend the rest of the day/night. In other words the dog(s) will be with me constantly.
Per Night:
$35.00 - one dog
$20.00 - each addt'l dog
Pictures coming soon!!!
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