Koda's K & K - PAWSitive Kennels & Kloset


We do our best to protect your dog from fleas while they are boarding with us. However, mother nature is more powerful than we are. 

If fleas are found upon check in or at any point during their stay (recommended being checked before leaving the facility) we will administer a Capstar oral flea tablet to treat the infestation at the owner’s expense. (Capstar prices are based on pets’ weight which is typically around $10 per dose). We recommend all boarding pets be current on their monthly flea preventative. If they are due for their preventative during their stay, we’ll be happy to administer it for you, free of charge.  If your pet(s) are not on current preventative, client will NOT hold Koda’s K & K responsible if your pet(s) pick up any fleas.                   

 All grooming pets found with fleas will also be treated as described above.


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